1962 UH Tangerine Bowl Reunion
             was held on October 5th and 6th, 2012 
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 1962 UH Tangerine Bowl Reunion Gallery
                           The players, coaches and fans of the 1962 UH Football Season
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Bill Yeoman in his first year (1962) of coaching the Houston Cougars.
Long Term Athletic Director, Harry Fouke, responsible for bringing Bill Yeoman in to coach the Cougars for 25 years.
Brewer, Beard and Jones accepting the Tangerine Bowl Trophy
Coach Yeoman's 1962 staff; 
Back Row: C. Fairbanks, T. Boisture, C. Schultze and M. Brown.
Front Row: S. Hill, B Yeoman, B. Gill and JD Roberts.
First touchdown for Coach Yeomans first win.  UH - 19, Baylor 0!!!
Home PageOct-2012 Events1962 Season!Photos - 1962Current Photos

1962 UH Football PLayers
1962 UH Football Players
1962 UH Football Players
1962 UH Football Players
1962 UH Football Players
1962 UH Football Players
1962 Varsity H Association Officers - Bill VanOsdel, Richard Berry, Virgil Fisher, Byron Beaver, James Shirley and Demaree Jones
1962 UH Coaching Staff - 
C Fairbanks, T Boisture, S Hill, Head Coach Bill Yeoman, JD Roberts, B Gill, M Brown and C Schultz
Bobby Brezina
Horst Paul blocking for Wally Ludtke in practice
Coach Yeoman getting the students to cheer during a pep rally.
Mike Weingart - The Cougar Editor for 1962
Part of the team (McMillan and others) observing a mystery writer?
Coach Yeoman and the players at a pep rally in front of the UH student body.
Bo Smith, UH Football Equipment Manager, talking to the Student Body
On the sideline and ready for some action - Bill Smith, Larry Broussard, Ron Yokubaitis
Members of the 1962 UH Football team - McMillian, McWhirter, Elliott, Freeman, Charlie Berry, Ludtke, Bowser, Jett, Skog, G Brezina, McGee, B Smith.
Bob Brezina accepting the Cougar Club 1962 MVP plaque..
Bo Smith, Equipment Manager, making one of his great on campus student body speaches!
Sonny Yates, Cougar Newspaper Sports Editor, reporting on a UH Football game.
Frank Brewer running for daylight against Ole Miss.
Bill Smith and Ron Yokubaitis enjoying a moment during a victory over the Aggies!
UH Players Bowl Bound!!!
B Brezina, K Chancelor, B Beaver, R Kelley and F Brewer.
Clean shaven and future Motion Picture Actor - Clem Beard.
Pete Nikirk leads the way for a 73 yard Bobby Brezina touchdown run!
Frank Brewer blocks a punt and covers the ball in the end zone for a touchdown vs. Cincinnati.
Jack Skog gains yards!!!
With Tulsa in town, pass defense is a hot topic.  Assistant coach Tom Boisture talks about pass defense with Paul Reinhardt.
A smiling Byron Beaver reflects on his five interceptions against Baylor University.
Check out the bright new stars for the Cougars - W. Patterson, B Smith, P Reinhardt, R Hernandez and Joe Lopasky.
The Brezina Brothers!  First two, Gus and Bobby, of several more to play for UH.
Paul Reinhardt, who is expected to continue to play fine defensive football.
Horst Paul, who was the leading pass receiver for the Cougars at the first of the season.
Gene Ritch makes a great run with some exceptional blocking in front of him.
Byron Beaver makes an interception against Ole Miss.  Byron will go on to lead the nation in interceptions in 1962.
Milton Perkins is playing time leader for the Cougars.
Horst Paul is in pursuit of the Aggies Quarterback!
Boyd Timmons, the swift Cougar, is looking to break into the starting line-up vs. Ole Miss.
Cougar starting tackles, surround Coach Yeoman- John Magee, Gerald Deen and Pete Nikirk.
Quarterback Jack Skog is protected by John Magee and Wilbert Patterson.
End Horst Paul is converging on Aggie Ronnie Price.
Halfback Bill McMillan
Jones tackles Tulsa runner
Frank Brewer picks up yards!
UH Coaches only know HOW TO WIN!!!
B Gill, M Brown, T Boisture, F Schultz, JD Roberts, Head Coach Bill Yeoman and C Fairbanks.
Byron Beaver is on a record pace, having accumulated nine pass interceptions.
Clem Beard scores a touchdown after Demaree Jones blocks a punt.  In pursuit are Reynolds, Paul, G Brezina and Robert Taylor.
Richard Elliott is praised for great play against Florida State.
Paul Reinhardt is a most valuable cougar going to the Boston College game.
Bill Smith, Demaree Jones and Paul Reinhardt tackle Tulsa player for a loss.
Co-Captain Billy Roland is on pace for a record finish!
Ted Nance served 33 years as the UH Sports Information Director.  Ted was inducted into the CoSIDA Hall of Fame and elected to the All-American Intercollegiate Golf Hall of Fame and the Meet of Champions Hall of Fame.
Coach Yeoman, "the man in charge" on the sideline!
Is that Clem Beard in the late 60's or early 70's?
Frank Brewer scores a touchdown.
Joe Lopasky was a 'Scoring Machine' in the Tangerine Bowl!!!
Co-Captain Billy Roland ws the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the Tangerine Bowl!
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1962 UH Football Roster:
UH beats Texas A&M in a close fought game at Rice Stadium; 6 to 3.
The 1962 UH Football Squad and Coaches.
Halftime at the UH Baylor Game.  UH goes on to win by 19 to 0.
Billy Roland and Joe Lopasky!
Big Man Gerald Deen ready to block for three of the Cougar Running Backs:
- Randy Wilson
- Boyd Timmons
- Joe Lopasky
The UH Support Staff:
- Assistant Trainer - Logan Wood
- Head Trainer - Tom Wilson
- Head Manager - Charles Berry
Would you have guessed that this is Ron Yokubaitis's Tangerine Bowl Watch?
Bobby Brezina became a Honorary Citizen of Florida in 1962?!?